What is K+ and why do we make it

We know that sometimes milk-drinkers want ‘a little more’, and we believe in the beneficial qualities of probiotics so we created K+: reduced-fat, great tasting Kleinpeter milk ‘+’ Acidophilus.

Why drink K+?

You may not know that antibiotics can destroy both harmful and beneficial bacteria in our bodies, leading to possible stomach and intestinal discomfort.  K+ helps replenish our body’s natural supply of beneficial bacteria.

Health-care professionals recommend drinking Kleinpeter K+ Milk

  • To stay healthy by boosting your immune system
  • To help restore your body’s natural digestive balance
  • If you’re lactose intolerant

K+ also

  • tastes just the same as regular milk
  • is reduced-fat for extra health benefits
  • is good to drink if you just want to stayhealthy

Make it part of your weight-loss strategy and wellness routine!

Our cows on the Kleinpeter Farm are treated with the love and care that they deserve, ensuring the natural freshness and flavor that Kleinpeter milk is known for. That means we don’t inject them with artificial growth hormones like some dairy farmers do. Next time you’re buying milk, look for the Kleinpeter heart. If the label says “from cows not treated with rBGH,” then it’s the healthy choice for you and your family